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Brazil is one of the biggest footwear markets in the world and Vulcabras is one of the biggest footwear in Brazil, owner of leading brands and top of mind by consumers.

They are decades of activity building not only the history of these brands, but also helping to form the tradition of the sector itself. Who speaks of Brazilian footwear industry, speaks of Vulcabras.

With all this history, the company has become a brand manager, using its industry as a competitive differential. The continuous search for the new, Vulcabras  knows what shoe people like.

That is why the company manages leading brands in its segments, such as Olympikus, has the major market share of athletic footwear,  the brand is synonymous of smart choice, high quality and best cost-benefit ratio.

In 2018, the company became the exclusive licensee of Under Armour in Brazil, one of the largest brands of apparel, footwear and sports accessories.

Added to them are, OLK, and Vulcabras Boots.

The success is due to a business model that carries in its DNA the expertise to make high quality and comfort footwear and the permanent concern to reshape its processes.

This expertise began in July 1952, with the establishment of Companhia Industrial Brasileira de Calçados Vulcanizados S/A., in São Paulo. Manufacturer of leather shoes with vulcanized rubber soles, one of its first icons was Vulcabras 752, which had this name in reference to the month and year of the company’s foundation.

In the 70’s the company started to represent international brands of sneakers, taking care of manufacturing to marketing and sales. In 2007, it expanded its vocation in the sportive and entered the feminine segment when acquiring the Azaleia S.A., at the time holder of Olympikus and Azaleia.

Olympikus has a history of unconditional support for Brazilian sport. It sponsored football teams, such as Flamengo, and joined the country’s most successful partnership, with 19 years of support to the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation (CBV), a period in which volleyball became a national passion. In 19 years, there were 9 world leagues, 10 grandprix and 12 Olympic medals won, being 6 gold.

Olympikus is not a leader by chance. In recent years, the brand has invested in design and technology and a portfolio covering various occasions of use and sporting practices, from fitness to running.

The biggest Brazilian sports brand today communicates with a broad audience, people who approach the sport by their own motivations. They are those who wake up early to run, those who do not miss a workout in the gym, and those who have the sport as a lifestyle. For each one free their best, Olympikus always has a product that is the best choice, with high quality and a great cost-benefit ratio.

At the right pace


Vulcabras´s business model also ensures significant competitiveness, resulting in better customer services. The company dominates all stages, from research to production, and from marketing to sale to retailers.

This model gives more agility to the business and also to the customer, allowing for faster deliveries, assertive purchases and better inventory management.

With these competitive advantages, the shoes produced by the company are in stores of more than 12 thousand customers in Brazil and in more than 20 countries, highlighting South America.

Vulcabras operates with 54 exclusive stores in Peru, Colombia and Chile, as well as the online Olympikus  channel, which operate in Brazil.

To supply all these channels, the company launches more than 800 new models a year, designed in the we believe to be the biggest center of technology and development of footwear of Latin America, located in Parobé-RS.

The products are produced in two modern factories in the Northeast, in Horizonte-CE, Itapetinga-BA. The administrative center of the company, in turn, operates in Jundiaí-SP. These five units in Brazil directly employ 13,000 employees. There are also two branches and distribution centers in Peru and Colombia.

In recent years, the company implemented profound changes in its management, as results, Olympikus took the lead in the sale of sneakers in Brazil, the company migrated to the Novo Mercado (October 2017), a segment of the brazilian stock exchange (B3) that brings together the highest levels of governance, and held a re-IPO which resulted in the expressive increase of liquidity of the shares.

Vulcabras not only dominates processes, but also knows how to transform itself. With these values ​​in line with his daily life, he was working on a portfolio diversification and expansion strategy in South America. It focus is on sustainability and perpetuity of the business, seeking constant innovation through its brands.