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Vulcabras has been operating in the Brazilian footwear sector for 70 years and during this period the Company has consolidated itself as the largest industry in the sports footwear sector in the country and became the manager of leading brands in their respective segments: such as Olympikus, national champion in tennis sales, Under Armour, one of the world’s largest sports apparel, footwear and accessories brands, and Mizuno, the performance brand that believes in the value of sport and supports the journey of everyone who gives their best regardless of who they are, level and type of sport.

Founded in July 1952 with the constitution of Companhia Industrial Brasileira de Calçados Vulcanizados S.A., in São Paulo, a manufactured leather shoes with vulcanized rubber soles, one of its first icons was the Vulcabras 752, whose name was a reference to the month and year of Company’s foundation. In 1973 we started producing sports brands in Brazil and since then we have specialized in delivering technology in shoes to democratize sports performance.

The shoes produced by the Company are found in stores all over Brazil, with a large sales team that serves more than 10,000 customers in the National territory and in South American countries, in e-commerce and brand-owned stores. There are more than 600 new models per year, designed and developed in one of the largest shoe technology and development centers in Latin America, located in Parobé – RS.

The products are made in two modern factories located in the Northeast region, in Horizonte/CE and Itapetinga/BA. The Company’s administrative center, in turn, is located in Jundiaí – SP, in addition to a Logistics Distribution Center for the e-commerce channel located in Extrema (MG). There is also a branch with a distribution center in Peru. These five units directly employ more than 18,000 employees

The Company works with a strategy of portfolio diversification, constantly seeking innovation and improvement.