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Code of Ethics

Vulcabras’ relationship with its public is based on honesty, integrity and respect, in order to establish relationships of mutual trust, guided by ethical principles necessary for the exercise of the business task.

The ethical principles of Vulcabras are:

  • Commitment to excellence in its products and customer satisfaction.
  • Correct and transparent relationship with its employees, third parties, customers and with society in general.
  • Commitment to the quality of the work environment, guaranteeing the physical and moral integrity of its employees.
  • Integrity and honesty in conducting business.
  • Prohibition and zero tolerance for acts of corruption.
  • Practices of good corporate governance, good accounting and management principles and practices, clear, objective and timely communication to its investors and to the capital market.
  • Respect for people regardless of their hierarchical position, origin, color, ethnicity, culture, age, social status, physical ability, religion and sexual orientation, and any discrimination practices are rejected.


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